Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Venturing Into Unfamiliar Territory

Do you ever feel like you should do something, but doing it seems impossible? Almost as if your feet were stuck in a block of cement? Yeah, thats how I feel. For almost a year, I have been making my own lye soap. I have really been impressed with the quality of the soap. It lasts, it gives great suds, I don't feel dry, and ... wait for it.... no skin reaction when Savannah uses it!!!!! Which is a huge blessing. I can't use cheap store bought stuff with her or she has a reaction to it, especially in the winter. I actually feel very clean, and my skin feels quite refreshed! Even my husband who is very much reluctant to anything "hippie", loves it! I have made several different scents, sizes, and even formulas (give or take a few different oils).
 So here is where my feet seemed to be glued to the floor... A few amazing friends, almost sisters, and I are going to be doing our first craft show, selling a variety of different things from soaps to hand dyed/hand spun yarn! Needless to say we are all very excited. But for me excited can also mean nervous and scared. What if I fail? What if we waste all our money on buying supplies, make it all, and it doesn't turn out to be what we expected? What if we get stuck with a bus load of product and no one wants to buy it?! What I have yet to mention is that, Janice and I, who are going to be making the soaps, are not only selling our soaps, but we are going to be venturing out to shampoo bars, and body wash!
Here is our idea: We will create all these different types of soaps, shampoos, and washes, along with hand crocheted washcloths. We are going to have a basket available, and YOU pick your scents and color of washcloth. You build your own basket, creating your own personalized gift for yourself or someone you love! I wish I could take credit for the idea, because it is just so simply amazing and brilliant, but its not! Janice over at 5 and a Viking actually gets the credit, but since we are starting a, dare I say... *business*... together we both get the rewards from her brilliant ideas!
I guess if worse comes to worse, our families will get a gift basket filled with soaps for Christmas!


  1. Sounds awesome! When is the craft show? Chelsea talked to me about it awhile back but I forgot the dates - I want to come check out your stuff!

    1. It is going to be September 21st! And please spread the word! I will be starting a new blog centered around what we are doing. I have to make the other products and then once that happens I will post pictures and "advertise"

    2. Awesome, I will! I'm so excited for you guys - it sounds like so much fun!!