Saturday, July 27, 2013


Well, I did it again!! I said I would keep up with the blog, and I let it slack off! But, I will have to say this summer has been insane. With weddings, family reunions, play groups, family issues, lots of things that were planned but fell through at the last minute, yeah I have been busy. OH, and one very important detail....... we are pregnant again!!!!!! We are expecting baby Webster #3, due March 30th! And with that news said, it is most likely the reason why I am just so darn tired! But, I am totally happy, we both are!

So,  a few weeks ago Jordan lost his job, but I have to say I think it was God's work and not a total bummer! He was getting paid barely enough to pay the mortgage and the car and nothing else. We were taking out of savings and that really sucks to have to do, just to pay bills. So, he lost his job but because it wasn't a firing, it was being laid off, his boss ( or former) felt really terrible that happened to him. So he made a call and got Jordan an interview with another landscaper. On Jordan's birthday, he went in for the interview and landed the job, the only downfall was it was a .50/hour pay cut... BUT.. in 30 days its a 2.50 pay RAISE! Which is huge! Plus he also now has a side job that he could do after he gets done working or even on Saturday or Sunday taking down party tents and such. So when we were barely making it by, God provided us with an out and a better income. Coincidentally, it was the same week he tithed...hmm.
He also starts school here in a few weeks, which stinks because we wont see him two days out of the week, but its a sacrifice we all have to make.

So, even when things look terrible and you want to freak out because you don't know whats going to happen, you just have to imagine God saying... "I got this."

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  1. Great attitude ! Kudos for standing by your man, and even moreso, resting in God. He ALWAYS has our backs, no matter what! Hope Jordan's job is going well!