Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our First Craft Show

Well, we did it! We did our first craft show, and it was awful and rainy and cold! Next time we will partake in an indoor craft show! We were successful however, in becoming better friends, talking about things in our lives that are important, and most of all, sharing cake! We each made around $5-$10 dollars, but gained so much more respect for each other, which is worth so much more than money! We will be entering into another craft fair and will hopefully be more successful financially. The time between now and the next show will give me more time to prepare, and become a little more organized behind the table!
I do love our products and even though we have so much more to expand on, I really do think that others will love our products just as much, and I cannot wait to get to that point where we are actually making money.

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