Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Colds

Well, at some point during the winter, everyone gets sick. We woke up today at 3 am to a little boy hurling his guts out in the toilet, and on the floor. So after I nursed him back to health, got him situated in his room with his blankets, water, stuffed animals, and a movie, I felt that it was a good opportunity to clean the entire house. I went downstairs, got ready to clean only to find out that I am out of my all purpose cleaner that I make. So I am taking this opportunity to post my first serious blog post. So here is how I make my all purpose cleaner.

What you need:
One large spray bottle
3 Tablespoon of dish soap
3 Tablespoon of rubbing alcohol
20-30 drops of essential oil (I use tea tree or lemon eucalyptus)

First I fill my bottle about 3/4 of the way full.
Then I add the three tablespoons of dish soap. I find that dawn is really concentrated and makes lots of bubbles so if I use dawn, I use 2 1/2 tablespoons.
Next, I add 3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol.
 After the soap and the alcohol have been added to my water, then I add the essential oil. Honestly, you could use whatever scent you want. Typically, I use tea tree oil because it also has a antibacterial property to it. Sometimes I use the lemon eucalyptus because I just love the smell, but you could use whatever you want, Pine also smells really nice.
So there, that should be just about it! Sometimes I split the water and replace that half with vinegar, which is what I will be doing since Caleb got sick, but normally I omit the vinegar because I just hate the smell of vinegar all over my house!

I hope that you all enjoy this cleaning concoction and it works for you like its worked for me! Now off I go to scrub down the whole entire house... wish me luck and pray for my sanity!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hello blog world.. again

Hi everyone, well this attempt number two at starting a blog! I am very lazy when it comes to actually committing to something that I have to keep up.. thats a long story. Well, lets see how long it takes for me to forget about this blog!