Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring and summer gardening

Over the past several weeks, I have been going non stop. Really, there isn't a moment where I have time to sit down for more than a second. Jordan finished this semester a few days ago and started a job today! He has really great hours as well. I am really looking forward to having him home before 4!
Also, my chickens have become sort of a puzzle to me. After the winter broke, they started laying eggs. I was getting around 3-5 a day, which is great for us. But for the past couple weeks, I haven't gotten anything. It has been a total stand still. I have been adding whey to their water for extra protein, giving them soured milk curds for a healthy snack, they get their layer feed, and also free range time in an enclosed moveable tractor. I don't get it!
Anyways, I have at least gotten ahead on our garden. Since we are taking part at the Mccracken Farms CSA this year, I am only going to do a small farm that we get the real expensive groceries from. I am mainly sticking to tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, strawberries, peas, garlic, watermelon, and a few other things like zucchini and yellow squash that aren't really expensive but we use so much of it that it's worth planting. I also have raspberries that are wild that grow huge berries and there have always been an abundance of them as well, usually about 3 gallons worth. I am thinking about going and getting some pepper plants, those are the only thing I didn't do this year, I'm just running out of room!
I have also been "thrift" shopping for flowers this spring and have had some huge scores with that! I went to lowes and went back on the clearance rack and found salvia plants $1, dianthus for $1, lobelia $1, lavendar $1, and a hanging
basket of strawberries for $5. I was thinking about going to the garden factory and pricing out how much some more flowers would be for the front! We are also waiting on someone to come with a stump grinder and grind down our stumps so I can finally put in dirt and mulch and a dwarf evergreen tree!
Well, it's 830 and savannah is still sleeping, the house needs a good cleanup and the chickens need feeding, so that is my que to leave! Have a nice day!

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