Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bean Bag Chair

I don't know about your kids, but my children have about 1500 stuffed animals. Don't get me wrong, they love them and play with them daily, more Savannah than Caleb, but still, they get daily play. Well, over the years, the animals have piled up, and into a basket which is now piling up and over the sides. So, I had some scrap fabric that I absolutely hate for clothing.

 I then cut 6 equal sides.
I first started by pinning each side to the corresponding piece of fabric and then just sewed it all together! It was time consuming, but TAKE YOUR TIME!! I rushed and had to rip out several stitches because I sewed the wrong pieces together. At the last side I stitched on a zipper. After about two hours of sewing and resewing, I finally finished it and stuffed it full of all the animals! They use it now just as they would a bean bag chair! 

Can you tell their happy!?

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