Monday, November 25, 2013

First Colds of the Season

Well, it was inevitable, the temperature has dropped here in New York, and winter is in full swing it seems! Which in a household of kids, and a husband who goes to college, germs are everywhere! We regularly do not do the flu shot, as will be the same this year, for a number of reasons which I will not get into today. 
Yesterday was a not so busy day, but we did run a few errands. As soon as we got home savannah cuddled up on daddies lap and fell asleep, that was around 7pm, so we figured she would be out for the night.... NOPE! She woke up around 830 and with a fever of 101.5. Not super high, but high enough for me to have to take some extra precautions. She drank water constantly, and I rubbed peppermint oil on her feet. I didn't want to break the fever, I just wanted to control it. She slept with me and around 4 am she was up and happy as could be, didn't feel hot anymore at all. We ran a few errands throughout the next day, not a lot but we were gone a few hours, and when we got home she felt hot again, but it now also followed with a horrible cough and congestion. It was my fault really, I should have kept her in bed and called it quits with running anywhere. So, when we got home it was hot tea, spoonfuls of honey, and homemade honey and ginger lemon drops which are to help suppress cough and heal any soreness in her throat... Plus they taste great! I tried plugging in her humidifier but long story short... It's broken. So I rubbed eucalyptus oil on her chest and feet, and Vicks on her chest as well. Let's see what tomorrow brings! Just praying over her, and believing that god can heal even if it's just a cold!

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