Thursday, March 14, 2013

Orange and vinegar all purpose cleaner

I love my all purpose cleaner.....BUT, sometimes the smell of tea tree gets a but redundant and I just need something new and fresh! I have done some research and found a new recipe for an all purpose cleaner! Well we all know just how great vinegar is for cleaning, but yuck.. I hate the smell of vinegar!!! So, to get the same cleaning effect without the smell of vinegar, add orange peels! In a large mason jar, add your orange peels, I usually use the peels from between 5-8 oranges. Depends on the size of the oranges, just use what you think works for you. Completely cover the orange peels with good ol' white vinegar and close the jar. Every couple days, you should shake the jar just to make sure that you incorporate all the oils that come out of the peels. In about two weeks time you will have a very citrusy-yummy-sweet all purpose cleaner! Just strain the peels out of the jar and the vinegar into a spray bottle, then enjoy!

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